The three ducks over the river

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Buy itIn the mist-shrouded dawn of an early autumn morning, the tranquil river that meandered through the village of Eldenwood was witness to an ethereal sight. Three ducks, with feathers that shimmered with an otherworldly glow, glided gracefully above the water, their silhouettes barely visible through the swirling fog.

Legend had it that these were no ordinary ducks. They were the guardians of Eldenwood, sent from realms unknown to watch over the land during times of change. It was said that those fortunate enough to glimpse the trio were on the cusp of encountering the extraordinary.

The villagers spoke in hushed tones of the strange happenings that followed the ducks’ flight. Old Mrs. Willowby, who once saw them from her window, found a rare flower blooming in her garden, a flower thought to be extinct. Young Tom, the miller’s son, stumbled upon an ancient coin that led to the discovery of a hidden treasure.

The ducks, as if aware of the magic they carried, continued their flight, undisturbed by the world below. Their presence was a whisper of enchantment, a promise that the veil between the ordinary and the mystical was thinner than one might think.

As the sun rose higher, the fog began to lift, and the ducks vanished as mysteriously as they had appeared. But their legend lived on, a tale of wonder for those who walk with eyes open to the magic that lies just beyond the mist.

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