About Kris Careful

About the author

Kris Careful is a photographer and an artist from Ukraine. A young woman turned her passion for photography into a beacon of inspiration. As an artist, she captures the essence of nature and the spirit of people through her lens. Her work, a symphony of light and shadow, adorned walls far and wide with metal, canvas, and framed prints.

More than an artist, Kris is a devoted mother of three, juggling the lenses of motherhood and photography with grace. Her brand, Kris Careful Photography, isn’t just a business; it is a testament to her strength and creativity. She brought the outside world in, transforming living spaces into galleries of natural wonder and human connection.

Kris’s story is one of resilience and artistry, resonating with people from all walks of life, reminding them that beauty can be found in every corner of life and shared through the eyes of a strong woman.

Each Kris Careful artistic design may be purchase as a canvas print, framed print, poster, art print, metal print, wood print, and more.

Enjoy the photos and buy the ones you like 😉

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