The sand from the Cleopatra beach

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Buy itIn the golden hours of the morning, when the sea whispered secrets to the shore, a young girl named Althea strolled along the edge of the Cleopatra beach. Her dress, a vibrant tapestry of colors, fluttered in the gentle breeze, mirroring the playful dance of the waves.

Althea was as radiant as the dawn, her laughter mingling with the seagulls’ calls. She paused, her gaze lost in the horizon, where the sky kissed the sea. In her hand, she held the treasures of the beach—grains of sand that shimmered like tiny jewels, remnants of ancient tales and timeless beauty.

The sand of Cleopatra beach was no ordinary sand; it was said to be blessed by the queen of the Nile herself, a symbol of love and beauty that transcended ages. Althea felt the warmth of the grains, a connection to the legends of the past, and a reminder of the magic that still lingered in the world.

As she walked, her bright dress a stark contrast to the soft hues of the morning, Althea knew she was part of something larger—a story woven by time, a canvas painted by nature, and a moment captured in the palm of her hand. The sand from Cleopatra beach was a gift, a piece of the earth’s artistry, and as she let it trickle back to the shore, she smiled, for she was home.

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